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Dispute resolution doesn’t have to be drawn out. Our goal is to give you the fastest, most cost effective and most advantageous outcome. Talk to us about what you need today.


The law provides the platform for dispute resolution – whether over employment, property, contracts or insurance. Our job as your legal representation is to use that platform to help you get meaningful resolution.


It is about knowledge and experience… if you like; applying both the ‘science’ and the ‘art’ of law to dispute resolution and your unique situation.


That means being able to interpret the law; its practical application and current trends in case law, to give you expert advice and guidance around each of your options.


• Commercial disputes

• Commercial contract law

• Employment law

• Residential contract law

• Insurance disputes

• Negligence claims

• Relationship property

• Deceased estates

• Commercial leases and trusts

The law enshrines our rights and obligations but it’s complex and can be open to interpretation. That’s why you need specialists to provide advice to avoid future problems. We focus on creating the best legal context for resolution. And should a dispute arise, as specialists, we step you through your options for the most meaningful and cost effective outcome.

Understanding the Law




As specialists in the area of dispute resolution, we are often called on by other law firms to act for clients. Our experience and up to the minute knowledge gives other firms the specialist support they need to retain their clients in their own fields of expertise, while providing counsel for effective dispute resolution and an ideal outcome.

 “Our job is to find the ideal outcome for clients. It’s about taking a bigger picture view – what it will cost (personally and financially) and what the results are likely to be. The way we see it, better counsel means you have more choice… and that means a resolution you’re happy with.”

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