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Commercial Law



Commercial law is complex, whether you’re dealing with a contract, employment, property, or building dispute. Our experience helps you see further faster – the real costs and likely returns in pursuing your goals to fruition.

Disputes in commercial law can be expensive and time consuming. That’s why many Auckland firms rely on Doug Cowan Barristers & Solicitors to support their clients in commercial law disputes including contract law and property law. Our specialist experience and knowledge give them the big picture view and a clear path to cost effective resolution.


Doug Cowan Barristers & Solicitors are Auckland lawyers specialising in dispute resolution:


• Commercial disputes

• Commercial contract law

• Employment law

• Property disputes

• Unit Titles Act governance

• Body Corporate disputes


The commercial reality is that clients need a cost effective outcome in business disputes. Commercial law is complex and your property lawyers may not have the best solution for a contract law dispute. That’s where we come in. As specialists in the field, we are a complementary addition to your existing legal support – giving you the expert advice when you need it.


Our experience is enviable and our approach, pragmatic. We will help you understand your costs and commitments relative to your likely result – so you make decisions based on commercial sense.

You need an NZ lawyer, specialising in Commercial Disputes

• Leaky buildings

• Insurance litigation

• Debt recovery

• International sales

• Corporate governance




Auckland property lawyers regularly call on us for support with specific disputes. From leaky buildings to contractual issues or shared access, we have a reputation for cost effective, quick resolution that allows your business to move forward.



Contract law is all about the detail. New decisions being handed down can challenge the whole playing field. You need an NZ lawyer who is up to the minute with the latest trends in case law and the experience to look for the details to support your stance.

 “Our job is to find the ideal outcome for clients. It’s about taking a bigger picture view – what it will cost (personally and financially) and what the results are likely to be. The way we see it, better counsel means you have more choice… and that means a resolution you’re happy with.”

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