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Legal-to-Legal Specialists in New Zealand Law

We regularly work with and on behalf of other New Zealand law firms to ensure your clients have the legal expertise they need. We are effective legal locums when you need extra support and specialist dispute resolution services to offer clients our specific skills, while retaining your business on all the areas where you already excel.


Doug Cowan Barristers & Solicitors are Auckland lawyers specialising in dispute resolution:


• Commercial disputes

• Commercial contract law

• Employment law

• Residential contract law

• Property disputes

• Unit Titles Act governance


As you’d expect, we are able to work directly with you or directly with your clients to deliver the legal services they need. We are effective legal locums, able to help you fill gaps in resourcing. We excel in dispute resolution for employment, property, contract and insurance disputes. With an up-to-the-minute understanding of case law, you have cost effective auxiliary counsel when you need it.


Our considered approach and ability to work quickly ensures your reputation is in safe hands. You focus on what you do best and we deliver specifically where you need our help.

• Body Corporate disputes

• Leaky buildings

• Insurance litigation

• Council disputes

• International sales

• Corporate governance



Case Law

Our understanding of case law is enviable. Our practice depends on our capability in understanding the decisions that create new possibilities for clients. We are proactive, generous with knowledge and agile on your behalf.

Acting as your legal locum, we adopt your systems and process. Our experience lends real weight to your legal services while providing a service ethic and integrity of purpose your clients will truly appreciate.

Our specialist expertise is in dispute resolution under New Zealand law, specifically in commercial, contract, property, employment and insurance dispute resolution. When you need additional, effective support – we are the lawyers you need.

Dispute Resolution

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“Our job is to find the ideal outcome for clients. It’s about taking a bigger picture view – what it will cost (personally and financially) and what the results are likely to be. The way we see it, better counsel means you have more choice… and that means a resolution you’re happy with.”