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Doug Cowan

Doug Cowan heads Doug Cowan Barristers & Solicitors with a vision to provide clients with exceptional, cost effective and solutions-focused legal services. His collaborative approach is the hallmark of the practice; providing the most effective support for clients.


Jose San Diego

Jose brings the enthusiasm of a recent graduate to the firm while steadfastly applying his knowledge and dedicated work ethic on behalf of clients. He is instrumental in supporting the senior team in client liaison, discovery and administration and has particular interests in civil, employment and building law.

Lucy Gould

As a recently admitted Solicitor, Lucy is an invaluable resource to support the senior team in Auckland and Waiheke. She is enquiring and focused on learning best practice in the application of law across the spectrum of the firm’s services. She has a keen interest in how to deliver practical support for clients as well as the wider team.

Fergus Porteous

Fergus holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Auckland and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Anthropology from the University of Canterbury. He was recently admitted and has held his practicing certificate from late October 2017. Fergus provides legal research, assists with drafting of documents and liaises with clients. He has a particular interest in equitable remedies and criminal law.

Ashleigh Jonkers

Ashleigh is heading into her third year of studying a conjoint Bachelor of Laws and Commerce degree. She works with the firm intermittently in around her studies and is interested in improving her skills and knowledge in the different areas of the firm's services.

Caitlin Anyon-Peters

Caitlin is a top law student in her final year of study towards a conjoint LLB(Hons)/BA in Psychology at the University of Auckland. She brings her drive and eagerness to learn to the firm and assists with legal research and court preparation on a part-time basis. Off the back of success in several mooting competitions, her goal is to pursue a career in advocacy in either litigation or arbitration.

Doug Cowan
Barristers & Solicitors

We provide expert legal services from generalist legal support through to civil, criminal, commercial, property and relationship law. We regularly work on behalf of other legal firms in our areas of speciality and are proud to deliver a quality standard every client can depend upon.


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