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When you have a dispute and need to find a lawyer, you want one who specialises in dispute resolution. Your property lawyer may not be the ideal person to handle your employment disputes or help with insurance dispute resolution. That’s why many Auckland lawyers rely on Doug Cowan Barristers & Solicitors for this specialist work.


Doug Cowan Barristers & Solicitors are Auckland lawyers specialising in dispute resolution:


• Employment law

• Residential contract law

• Property disputes

• Unit Titles Act governance

• Body Corporate disputes

• Commercial leases

• Leaky buildings


Simply put, we’re the disputes resolution lawyers to get the outcome you need in private disputes. Your time, your money and your energy needs to be channelled for the best possible result for you. That means understanding the trends in current case law (the types of outcomes that have been recently handed down) and how to make the most of your personal circumstances to get the outcome you want.


We are practical, knowledgeable and able to act quickly on your behalf. Our experience means we know what will and won’t work – and can help put you in the best possible position.

• Insurance litigation

• Relationship property

• Deceased estates

• Negligence claims

• Council disputes

• Insolvency

• Debt recovery



When it comes to employment disputes we have a record of very good results. We will help you understand all your options and the associated likely outcomes to ensure you’re making the most of your resources for the best possible result.



Property Lawyer

Even property lawyers come to us for support on property disputes, from boundary issues to leaky buildings and even contract issues. Our specialised experience and knowledge gives you confidence you’re making your best choices.

Insurance disputes resolution range from simple to highly complex. We have the expertise to help you understand the issues and current trends in case law so you have realistic expectations from the outset. And we have a track record of delivering results.


 “Our job is to find the ideal outcome for clients. It’s about taking a bigger picture view – what it will cost (personally and financially) and what the results are likely to be. The way we see it, better counsel means you have more choice… and that means a resolution you’re happy with.”

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